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Option A - Cloth
31.22 Oz. Made of durable cotton linen cloth material. Lightweight, perfect for dining table. Seamless, one-piece design, photo collage full color. Sized in 60"(L) x 120"(W). Hand wash in cold water.
5 - 8ft 4 sided 5x$143 = $715
2 - 6ft 4 sided 2x$128 = $256
Total (7) = $971
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Option B. - Premium
3-Sided Custom Table Throw for an 8' display table. Use at trade shows, job fairs, and all great opportunities of promotion.
5 - 8ft 4 sided 5x$295 = $1475
2 - 6ft 4 sided 2x$256 = $512
Total (7) = $1987.00
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